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Increase Sales With Ecommerce Web Design and Development Services in NJ

Ecommerce Web Design And Development Services In Nj

Increase Sales With Ecommerce Web Design and Development Services in NJ

Now that people are back to shopping in person, are e-commerce web design services in NJ still in high demand? They sure are! Keep reading to see why web design and development services that optimize e-commerce are a smart choice for your business.

How Big is the Ecommerce Market?

Did you know that over 20% of sales occur on ecommerce platforms? That means that about one of every five purchases made are made through ecommerce. This number is expected to continue to grow at about 10% each year—reaching about a quarter of total sales by 2026! Do you want to lose that much of your sales? We know these numbers because we researched them, and our team of web designers and developers in NJ stay on top of research in this industry for your sake.

How Website Design and Development Boosts Ecommerce Sales

Sure, adding an e-commerce platform to your site can boost sales, but is that all you can do? When you work with savvy website designers in NJ, you can avoid many common pitfalls of ecommerce. For example, many customers will “abandon” their cart if they are hit with surprise fees, and some will even leave if they have to take an additional step, like signing up for an account. That’s where your website designer comes in to ensure that your costs and fees are clear, and makes it very convenient for returning or one-time customers to make a purchase.

Why A Full-Service Marketing Company In NJ is A Smart Ecommerce Choice

There are many companies who provide ecommerce services, so why choose a full-service marketing and website design company to do the job? Your e-commerce platform will go a lot further if it is seen by millions. A full-service marketing company won’t just optimize your website for ecommerce, we can help you plan strategically, engage on social media, boost your SEO, and much more. Ready to take advantage of the ecommerce boom in your industry? Contact NJ’s top e-commerce web design and development services at CMG and see your sales soar!

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