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Top Tips for Holiday Marketing

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Top Tips for Holiday Marketing

Is your company gearing up for the holiday season? If you haven’t started already, you’re already behind! The best-planned marketing teams start dealing with their holiday marketing as early as summer to be well-prepared, but don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your holiday marketing going strong. We have helped market many products and services in New Jersey and beyond, and we’ll share our favorite holiday marketing tips with you today!

Capture Nostalgia. Nostalgia is huge this year, and few times of year are more nostalgic than the holiday season. Tap into your customers’ needs for family, security, love, and tradition—even cheesy traditions can be welcome at the right time!

Choose Discounts. In the retail business in particular, the holidays are full of sales, so savvy shoppers will be shopping around. Choose the best discount that will bring people to your store or service location, but that won’t break the bank, and weigh the costs of discounts with the chance of lifelong loyal customers.

Stand Out. With everyone trying to stay relevant, you need to stand out! Whether you accomplish this through a beautiful web design, attractive video ad, or post mail material that’s nice enough to hang with the holiday cards, a skilled marketing and graphic design team can help you showcase your best assets.

Wrap it up and put a bow on it! While presentation is always important, it is even more important during the holidays. Consider offering free or for-charge gift wrapping, custom engraving or other customization, or any other way to turn your products in the perfect gift.
Feel the Love! This holiday season, don’t just sell and promote. Post a fun family story about the holidays in your family business, wish others a happy season, and remember that goodwill and good relationships are more important than a few additional dollars.

To start your last-minute holiday marketing push now, or to plan effectively for the future, contact the team at Contemporary Media Group in New Jersey today!

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