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What This Year’s Social Media Changes Mean For Your NJ Firm’s Marketing Strategy

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What This Year’s Social Media Changes Mean For Your NJ Firm’s Marketing Strategy

The digital world changes fast, but most people don’t realize just how fast social media marketing strategies need to change to keep up! Your business in New Jersey needs to adapt its marketing strategy, especially with social media marketing, just to keep up. What are some of the changes that have hit social media this year, and how can you adapt your social media marketing approach to work with them? Keep reading for tips!

AI Changed the Rules For Social Media Marketing In NJ

For social media marketing professionals in New Jersey, artificial intelligence, or AI, is a big thing. Our copy writers aren’t the only ones filling the internet with words for search engines to crawl—so are countless robot brains! This means that other businesses can suddenly access a lot more content for social media. But is that content of high-quality? Digital media marketing experts suspect that, within the next few years, tools to identify human-created content, vs AI-created content, will be all over the place. Sticking with a human team with real feelings and personalities could set your firm above the competition.

Twitter, X, Meta, LinkedIn… Which Network Are Your Clients On?

Another major change this year is the names and use of many different social media marketing venues. Twitter has become X, Facebook continues to be under the Meta name… and more and more people are joining LinkedIn! Younger generations in particular are avoiding social media, and moving more toward decentralized platforms, or those related to their career or business. In the future, you may need to target your approach to new and different platforms.

This Is The Number One Tool Recommended by NJ’s Social Media Marketing Agencies

Throughout all these changes, there is one thing that our team of social media marketing experts in NJ would recommend: Build a relationship and keep following it! Your relationship with your clients or customers must be genuine, and it can serve as a roadmap. That means more short-form content, more engagement, more interaction. That means less word-salad-SEO-gibberish, fewer promoted posts, and far less direct advertising. That means a lot more work—for you, or for your partners at your social media marketing company.
Let us help you build a relationship with your clients and customers on social media. Building relationships takes work, but it can pay off in terms of increased loyalty, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Call Contemporary Media Group in New Jersey today to start your social media marketing strategy.

CMG Team


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