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Is Social Media Marketing Worth The Hassle?

Social Media Marketing In Nj And Ny

If you ask a hundred business owners how important social media is for marketing, they’ll give you a hundred different answers! In fact, the importance of social media marketing is hotly contested by some who argue that it is a vital part of success in today’s business world, and those that argue it is nothing but a hassle, full of drama and oversaturated. What’s the truth? Graphic design and social media marketing experts in NJ and NY share!

The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

Social media comes with a huge number of challenges. First and foremost, it is an endless void that can eat up as much time and effort as you put into it! From prolific users who post multiple times an hour, to major corporations who have teams of people to manage social media, it’s hard for a “real” business owner to keep up. Worse, social media faces the risks of being too informal, and opens the doors for lots of drama. To manage this element of your business successfully, you need to be savvy in the social media playing field, or to hire a team that is.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

If social media marketing is so challenging, what good does it do? For small businesses, it can also be a lifesaver. Unlike many other digital marketing opportunities in New York and New Jersey, social media marketing starts at the very affordable price of zero dollars! Thanks to the amount of effort you put in, you can get your start for free. For those who engage well, it can also be a very important tool to connect you with your customers. For those who want to maximize their social media marketing effectiveness in NJ, paid options exist to make it easier.

Is It Worth It?

As digital marketing specialists in NJ, Contemporary Media Group absolutely recommends utilizing social media! It’s the best place to find many of your customers, and compared to the alternatives, is an affordable and simple tool to incorporate into your larger marketing strategy. New Jersey’s business scene is competitive, and the best businesses are on socials.

Start your social media game today when you contact CMG, an expert provider of graphic design, web design, and social media marketing tools in NJ for decades!

CMG Team


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  • Posted at 10:22 am, February 17, 2022