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Is ChatGPT Going To Replace NJ’s Best Digital Marketing Companies?

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Is ChatGPT Going To Replace NJ’s Best Digital Marketing Companies?

If you’re keen on internet news, you’ve heard about ChatGPT. Is this little AI software poised to replace NJ’s best digital marketing companies—or just your team of copy writers and editors? Keep reading to find out what ChatGPT is, how it’s transforming the digital world, and why you may still be better off with a living, breathing team of digital marketing specialists to promote your brand.

What Is ChatGPT and How Does it Affect Marketing?
ChatGPT is a software program that uses Artificial Intelligence, or AI, to generate copy. Give the software a prompt and it will “write” your desired amount of words on the subject. As copy writers and digital marketing experts across the world know, this used to be our job! People have been using ChatGPT to write everything from silly stories, to book reports and other homework, to marketing copy—and most are pretty pleased with the results!

Here’s How ChatGPT May Change Social Media Marketing in NJ
If there’s a program that can automatically generate words for you, why bother writing your own? This is a question that many of NJ’s marketing managers and business owners have asked themselves, especially with regard to high-frequency posts such as business blogs or social media. People have already started using ChatGPT for these tasks, producing automated copy that seems to get the job done. But can it stand up to a real person?

Why A Real, Live, PR & Marketing Team in Sparta Is Still A Better Choice
AI can produce a lot of text, but it can’t personalize. It can produce hundreds of variations on the theme, but unlike your PR and marketing specialist in NJ, it probably won’t know that this particular request or message came from one of your top clients—and won’t give them the same warm welcome that a real person could. In a world where more and more things seem artificial or dulled like stock images, relying on a software program to handle communications can make your business seem cold and unoriginal. As far as SEO, the debate still remains—will automated text fill up the internet, or will search engines figure out how to detect the “fake” and penalize these websites? Only time will tell.
To make your business communications stand out from the competition, you need the best digital marketing services. NJ’s Contemporary Media Group has a well-established history of working with professional copywriters, editors, and social media consultants so your communications will always reflect your business’s best side.

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