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Industry Spotlight: Travel Industry

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Industry Spotlight: Travel Industry

Each month, the research and copywriting team at CMG focuses on one of our client’s industries, sharing our findings with our readers to improve the general status of marketing in the field. This month, we focus on the travel industry, discussing key statistics, trends, and special concerns for clients marketing travel and tourism services in New Jersey.

Travel Industry Statistics
Travel and tourism are huge in the US, representing over $7 trillion in business each year! An estimated one in nine jobs are reported to be involved, directly or indirectly, with the travel and tourism industry in the US, the seventh most popular industry in the market! If you work in travel, transportation, booking, entertainment, or many other industries, you may also work in the travel industry.

Key Trends in Travel and Tourism
What’s happening in the travel industry? So much! People are more interested in traveling than ever, and spending more money during their travels than ever before. This is a vital part of most cities’ economies, and some experts estimate that the average American would spend up to an extra thousand dollars each year in taxes if we didn’t have a robust travel industry to fall back on. Today’s customer is interested in quick trips, convenience, and having a great time on their trip.

Marketing Concerns in the Travel Industry
For those in the travel industry, a variety of marketing concerns are relevant. Keep in mind that about 3/4ths of travel is for leisure, so focus your marketing on recreation and private consumption, not organizational or B2B marketing. Work with your trusted marketing professional in New Jersey to create exciting package deals to promote your services, or keep your offerings available at your customer’s fingertips with a great mobile application. Keep in mind that those traveling will often seek not just the lowest cost, but the lowest cost that offers the most amenities. Plan strategically with your marketing professional to design interesting campaigns and partnerships in your community to attract the best customers.

Ready to start marketing in the travel industry? We’ve found out plenty of other great tips in our research, so make sure to call Contemporary Media Group for help with your next website design, smartphone app, or marketing campaign!

CMG Team