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Here’s Why Your Social Media Marketing Plan Isn’t Working, and How To Start Seeing More Followers!

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How did we ever live without social media? For consumers and social media marketing experts in NJ and NY, the times before our socials seem like the dark ages! Unfortunately, if your business or organization does not use social media marketing effectively, you may still be living in those dark ages! Keep reading to find out how you can improve your social media marketing plan and start seeing more followers!

You’re not engaging.

The biggest limitation to social media is that people get to choose what to look at. Is your content boring, ugly, misspelled, repetitive, too “sell-y,” or downright offensive? If you do not engage your customers and clients appropriately, they’re going to unfollow. That’s why you need to be engaging, with well-written posts that are appropriate and that sell your product in a natural, friendly way.

You’re not maximizing paid advertising.

Okay, you’re ready to engage—but what if people just aren’t seeing your fabulous posts? To increase visibility on social media these days, many companies are maximizing paid advertising on social media platforms. This isn’t cheating; this is just putting your information where it needs to be. Social media is no longer the world it used to be—advertisements are expected from all directions, and your clients will be surprised not to see you!

You don’t link back to your own space.

Your website belongs to you, which means you get to control what is said, done, and profited off of. Pretty cool! But first, you need to get customers there. One of the goals of your social media marketing plans should be to increase traffic to your own website. A team of social media and digital media marketing experts in New Jersey can help you figure out how.

Ready to make your social media marketing plan work harder? Sparta’s finest digital and social media marketing companies are ready to help you plan your social media marketing plan today!

CMG Team