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Why B2B Marketing Might Be Your “Sweet Spot”

Why B2B Marketing Might Be Your “Sweet Spot”

The dominant marketing model that most business professionals are familiar with is one where the business sells directly to the household consumers. This is what most people think of when they think of selling products in the market, and the area where most people assume that transactions are taking place. But are you tapping the other side of marketing—the business-to-business marketing?

This style of marketing, often abbreviated as “B2B,” makes the business the consumer, and vice versa. Instead of marketing to each individual customer, you are likely marketing to a purchasing manager, buyer, or other administrative individual who is making big decisions for their company—or, you may be marketing to smaller, self-run businesses.

Either way, you should be aware of the key differences and advantages you may be able to harness by focusing on B2B marketing in New Jersey. Consider these important factors to see if B2B marketing might be your sweet spot.

Time. B2B marketing typically takes place during business hours—your “customers” probably don’t want to do “work shopping” on their time off! As such, make sure to carefully time your marketing messages to arrive during business hours, when your home consumers would not usually be checking personal emails.

Audience. Keep in mind that your audience is generally professional. While you may find that less formal approaches, such as Twitter or Instagram, work to bring in new household consumers, your professional B2B consumer base may appreciate more professional marketing opportunities, such as LinkedIn or community business groups.

Purpose/Appeal. The purpose of business purchases is far different than personal purchases, and the appeal must be addressed in a different way as well. For example, while emotional messaging is a great way to entice the individual user, B2B customers are often more impressed with productivity, efficiency, and cost containment.

Follow-up. Depending on your product, the household consumer may only need one every few years—or even every few decades! Your B2B customers, on the other hand, will often continue to need ongoing services on a regular basis. This makes it extra important to follow up and engage with these businesses for effective business promotion in New Jersey.

If you find the challenges of B2B marketing to be something that you like, your business stands to profit greatly. To get customized marketing and web design services in NJ, contact Contemporary Media Group today!

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