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Industry Spotlight: Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations

Industry Spotlight: Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations

Each month, Contemporary Media Group hosts an industry spotlight, demonstrating the benefits of one of the industries in which we work. This month, we’re focusing on the nonprofit and charitable organization industry (if it can be called that!), as well as key marketing insights we have gathered for this population.

Key Facts About the Nonprofit Industry

The nonprofit and charitable organization industry is growing daily, with more people realizing that our society needs to attend to the disadvantaged and inequalities in our world. There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered for tax-exempt status in the US, accounting for just under 10% of US wages. These groups include everything from small neighborhood associations with no assets to major university, religious, and charitable organizations with billion-dollar assets. Nonprofits don’t just consist of volunteers; many have grown large enough for donations to pay full-time salaries for dedicated employees.

Marketing for Nonprofits and Charities

Marketing in New Jersey is a challenge, and more so for nonprofits and charities. Unlike big dollar companies, these organizations typically have limited budgets on which to operate, and this means that marketing must be carefully conducted. Nonprofit organizations often benefit from marketing directly to the community and appealing to the emotions that drive their involvement in the cause—while we advise many of our for-profit companies to offer coupons and discounts, we advise our nonprofits to use personal speakers, testimonials, and other emotional marketing to get all the money donated to great causes that they can. Further, nonprofits and charities often benefit greatly from other business donations in exchange for exposure.

CMG’s Involvement

The skilled marketing team at CMG doesn’t just help nonprofits to market their products and services, we give back by donating to and participating in local community causes. We source the best deals on advertising materials, promotion space, and community partnerships to help our clients promote their causes and improve the world!

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