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Creativity is our business! We believe in the
power of interactivity and specialize in digital
technologies and innovation.

We provide fresh ideas for your company

Contemporary Media Group (CMG) began as a subsection of its sister company, Contemporary Publishing Services, founded in 2005. CMG represents an expansion of focus that includes even more value. In 2009, CMG was officially rebranded to include the wide array of services available today!

In the past five years, CMG has grown substantially and has brought creativity, beauty, and results not only to the companies we partner with, but to the communities in which we work. We stay aware of the importance of marketing, internet-usability, and strategy required for a successful design while also keeping in mind our clients’ focus and needs. Our results are professional, visually appealing, and proven to increase our clients’ success. We offer digital and print design services including strategic marketing, programming, website development, print material development, and more!

Stand out from the competition!

We keep it unique, memorable, and fresh. Our team has all the ingredients to define your business and set you apart from the competition. Our strategic marketing and design will boost your image, market share, customer loyalty, and profits.

CMG is starting to branch out to include the development of custom web applications for our clients! Soon, we can help you integrate an interactive web app for the visitors of your website.

Our Designers

At CMG, we hire the best graphic designers to build creative, effective marketing tools to enhance your image. Unlike some companies, we are not limited to print or web design—we do it all! Our designers put usability expertise, marketing strategies, and a comprehensive understanding of your needs together to create an attractive, strategic design that produces results.

Our Developers

The high-level developers we hire are prepared to meet any technology needs your business may have. They specialize in asp.NET, CSS4, HTML5, jQuery, PHP, SQL, and MySQL.

Web design and programming create a unique set of challenges, and our developers are more than ready to handle such issues as API integration, Parallax technology, HTML5 Apps, Content Management Systems, business process analysis, and custom e-commerce platforms.

Our Process

Our development process falls into four key categories:

  • Requirements
  • Objectives
  • Research
  • Production Plan
  • Architecture
  • Creative
  • Staging
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Propagation
  • Evaluation
  • Review

Great customer support


We serve a wide variety of clients, so we work best when we understand you. By figuring out the unique needs of your organization, we are able to match your resources effectively.

Timely Service

Some companies require considerable time to process client requests or make changes—we make it our goal to respond to you as quickly as possible, sometimes even the same day.


We work wherever you are. Whether we consult in person, by phone, or through digital technology, we are available to discuss any issues you may have.


At the heart of CMG is our customers. We work with a wide variety of clients, which means that we must understand the unique needs, resources, and goals of each. We begin each project by discussing with you the vision you have for your organization, the marketing goals you have, and your ability to contribute to the project. Based on this information, we create a custom, tailored marketing plan that can include as much or as little as you want. We set a timeframe and price and we stick to them—you are never surprised by our workflow or cost. Once this is completed, we use the best technology and the most experienced team of developers, designers, and copywriters to make your brand shine.

Meeting Customer Requirements

  • Involving our customer in every step of the process
  • Fixing, changing, or altering until it’s perfect
  • Making you our top priority
  • Helping your business improve its brand and get recognized
  • Creating a beautiful space that sells and promotes
  • Collaborating with our customer and industry experts when needed

Case Studies

New Jersey State Fair

A traditional state fair gets updated for the modern audience.

EM Electrical Contracting

From marketing to community sponsorship, this company got a “spark” of life.

My Savour Cafe

CMG made this website as tempting and delicious as their desserts.

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