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Here are Four Ways Your Website Design Affects Your Search Engine Optimization

Website Design &Amp; Search Engine Optimization

Here are Four Ways Your Website Design Affects Your Search Engine Optimization

If you own a business in New Jersey, search engine optimization should be a familiar term. Better known as SEO, this refers to the words that your website uses to attract search engines, and is what gets your page to “show up” on search results. But is there more to SEO than just words? Here are four ways that website design affects SEO.

NJ’s Best SEO Happens Behind the Scenes

SEO isn’t always about the words that you read on the page. In fact, SEO experts in NJ know that much of the SEO happens where only the search bots can see it. Things like tags or descriptions on images, alternative texts, headers, page titles, and more are often overlooked by the user, but give the search engines a lot of information. Designing these in an optimal way boosts your SEO.

Readability is Vital to Strong Search Engine Optimization

If your website visitors can’t read the text because the contrast is too poor, or is simply overwhelmed by all the words on the page, your website may not rank as high. Search engines target very specific search words, so loading your page up with dictionaries full of content doesn’t matter as much as allowing the searchbots (and your user) to focus on the most important content.

Graphic and Web Designers in NJ Reduce Bounce Rates

Your page’s “bounce rate” is a very important part of it’s SEO. This refers to how quickly a visitor leaves your page after arriving at it from a search engine, and can majorly tank your SEO if it is high! If nobody wants to stay on your page, it may be due to poor design. Graphic and website designers in NJ know that pages that load slowly, those with obnoxious ads or graphics, or those that are simply “too busy” will not be well-received.

Optimize Navigation Structure with Web Design and Development Services

Finally, keep in mind that your website’s navigation structure plays a role in SEO. You want to keep people on your site, browsing and absorbing—and this includes browsing other pages. By developing your website design to optimize this sort of navigation, you can rank higher on search engine results.Your customers and clients are not going to scroll through infinity to find you! Make sure your website shows at the top of the search engine results when you hire an innovative, skilled team of website designers in NJ to optimize your website’s search engine placement.

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