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These Website Design Trends Are Hot in 2022!

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These Website Design Trends Are Hot in 2022!

Remember the good old days when a great website design in New Jersey would include big blocks of text, autoplay music on startup, and lots of “glittery” elements? Wow, are we glad those days are gone! What’s hot in 2022? Keep reading to find out!

Retro is On Fire!
While nobody wants to bring back the web of the 90s (rest in peace, GeoCities!), retro elements are making a comeback on the web, just as they are in real life! That’s why you may see some cutting-edge website designers bringing back old trends like pixelated mascots, bright and contrasting colors, and busy visual images. When a skilled web design agency in NJ helps you with your retro-inspired webpage, modern visual styles and accessibility are added to seamlessly blend old and new!

Stay On One Page With Today’s Best Web Design Trends
Speaking of new, today’s hottest trend is the one-page website! Perfect on mobile, easy on tablets, and fully functional on bigger screens, the one-page website has been growing in popularity for years among NJ’s best website and mobile app developers. It requires you to carefully consider the most important elements of your business to highlight them appropriately!

Hover-Text Made Easy with NJ’s Experts in Web Design
Hover-text or other interactive text is becoming even more popular these days as web users seek more engaging, interactive content. Even better, it helps with your one-page design by keeping some content limited until asked for. Whether your website is ultra-professional and simply offers more information with hover-overs, or if you embrace a fun, creative style, this is an effective way to get visitors to stay on your page longer.

These are just a few of today’s hottest website design trends! If your website is in need of a facelift, or if you’re starting a new business and haven’t yet set up your website, why not incorporate a few of these trends? NJ’s best web designers are ready to help!

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