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Three Reasons Why Real Human Beings Do Search Engine Optimization Better Than AI

Search Engine Optimization In Nj And Georgia

Three Reasons Why Real Human Beings Do Search Engine Optimization Better Than AI

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, seems to be positioned to take over the world! Should you turn your search engine optimization needs over to a bot, or is there something better about the way people do it? Keep reading to see the top three reasons our team of search engine optimization services experts stick with real humans.

AI Can Learn—Including Bad Habits That Ruin Your Search Engine Optimization
What makes AI “intelligent” is that it can learn. However, unlike humans, who learn information, morals, culture, and social skills, AI only “learns” information. That means, if your automated content is following internet trends, it may include too much political information, biased or bigoted posts, or things that don’t make sense in your locale. It can also learn to parrot phrases from other sources, which is plagiarism for humans. Your SEO can take a big hit if your marketing materials are inaccurate, which is why a team of skilled copywriters and SEO strategists should be your go-to.

Your Brand Image Should Shine Through Your SEO
When designing content to promote search engine optimization, you should focus on two main things. First, of course, is the definition of search engine optimization—making your content “optimal” to match with search engine results. Next is to make sure that your content actually shows your brand image, products or services, mission and values. Our marketing agency spends a lot of time brainstorming ideas with our clients for this very reason, and AI just isn’t as creative as the real professionals!

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Company in NJ Has So Many Benefits
You get it—human copywriters and marketing professionals are better than bots because we’re human! When you work with a full-service digital marketing company in NJ, you’ll enjoy even more benefits than just the human factor. Your SEO will work better when it is integrated across all areas of your website design, integrated into mobile advertising, and optimized for your specific brand. A digital marketing agency in New Jersey can even help you out with print needs, mailers, and in-person materials, because there’s so many other ways to connect to your customer base.
Don’t let your brand get trapped in the dusty corners of computer-generated SEO—call the experts at Contemporary Media Group today to start optimizing your website for search engines and see how much better we perform!

CMG Team


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