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A New Year, a New Approach to Marketing

With the New Year comes a new demand: Your customers want to see you in different places, with different techniques, or you might just lose relevance! At Contemporary Media Group, we work hard to bring the best tools to your business in New Jersey to help you reach your customers the right way. Here are our top three marketing areas that we are encouraging our clients to focus on in the New Year!

1. Content Marketing. This doesn’t mean just putting “stuff” up on your website—the most effective businesses are promoting not only their products and services, but information about the industry that is valuable to any reader. Gaining a blog following may not directly increase your revenues, but even one loyal customer per post can lead to ongoing success.

2. Video and graphic sharing. If you’re not on Instagram, the kids will probably tell you you’re not “cool.” Worse, if your content isn’t being marketed on those social media streams where people go, you risk becoming irrelevant to more than just some judgmental teens! More and more web searchers are seeking images and videos to answer their questions and inform them on products and services. Consult with a strong marketing company in NJ for help creating your own compelling content!

3. Review promotion. Did you know that up to 90% of people check web reviews before visiting an establishment or making a purchase? If your customers aren’t leaving good feedback, there is likely a reason—sometimes, simply engaging in conversation and sharing transparency with your customer base can help! Learn the best tips to respond effectively, not defensively, to less-than-stellar reviews, and find out ways to get your satisfied customers to share!

Sound like a lot of work? That’s because marketing is a lot of work! Take that challenge off your plate and let the expert marketing team at CMG handle it for you!

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