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Jasmine Puranda

Chief Marketing Officer

Jasmine is responsible for defining and leading the marketing direction of CMG’s subsidiaries and ensuring that the group’s portfolio supports our strategic directions. She drives the business development team and leads the digital media-marketing concept. As a Marketing professional, Jasmine has achieved significant return on investment through branding and definition efforts—up to 45% market share for some of her most successful campaigns. Her flair for marketing builds alliances and delivers exceptional quality to the most loyal consumer markets.

Jasmine brings diverse cultural experience and creativity to CMG. She contributes a background in Marketing and Strategic Management as well as experience in Publishing, Higher Education, Consulting and Financial Services. Her background in Hospitality Management maximizes the appeal of CMG’s publications such as “Tropicala” and “Life Style Strategies Series.” Jasmine has a passion for protecting the environment and is a supporter of green strategies and renewable energies in publishing. In addition to working at CMG, Jasmine is a consultant to the Girl Scouts of America, supporting her community and helping young girls reach their potential.

Jasmine has an MBA from the University of New Orleans and a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from the University of Technology, Jamaica.

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