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Industry Spotlight: Diners and the Food Industry

Do you know someone in the food industry? If you’re anything like the rest of us, chances are you do! The restaurant industry in the United States is valued around $745 billion, and employs about 14 million people. Why so many? Because Americans love going out to eat! In fact, the average American eats out just over four times per week—nearly every day during the work week! Are you reaching your diners most effectively? If you’d like a bigger cut of this amount, check out our success strategies for marketing in the food and restaurant industry.

Be special. Restaurants are on every corner, so what sets yours apart? Whether you are promoting an upscale restaurant or classic diner in New Jersey, you need to let your customers know why they want to visit you. Best disco fries? Shortest wait for service? Organic ingredients? No matter what it is, stick with it and let your customers know!

Market effectively. So you’ve decided what sets you apart… now how are you sharing this with your customers? Even a nostalgic, 50s-themed diner exists in the modern world, and the best restaurant owners know that modern marketing is the way to go. Integrate social media marketing into your campaigns, target select markets with print media, add a sign, or more! The expert marketing specialists at CMG can help you plan a comprehensive marketing strategy that will attract everyone from high school kids to AARP members.

Create a community. If your patrons only wanted food, they’d order online—which we’ll discuss in a future post—but many of them are seeking a social, fun community. Engage with your customers on social media and in person by encouraging them to write reviews, responding quickly to questions or concerns, sharing photos, and more. Nobody wants a faceless, soulless business, so add a face, personality, and sense of style to your communications!

To get started on a comprehensive marketing plan for your restaurant or diner in NJ, contact CMG today.

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