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How to Optimize your Blog’s Search Engine Postion

One of the advantages of having a business blog is that it increases your SEO. Just as a reminder, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting “organic” traffic from the search results that are generated by search engines. When your clients type a query into a search engine, you want your business to be the first response they see! To accomplish this, you must improve your SEO rankings and get your company on the front page. In order to effectively enhance search results for your company, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind when writing your business blog:

1. First, the title of your blog is very important for search results. It helps visitors identify relevant topics of interest and contributes relatively more to SEO rankings than the body of the article. Make sure to keep your title on topic, but it is also necessary to keep it precise—under 60 characters is ideal.

2. In addition to the blog title, the URL of the blog is important. The URL of the blog should be the title without any spaces or prepositions; you can use hyphens where there should be spaces. This makes SEO easy while still providing your blog’s visitors with an easy-to-understand location.

3. Under the title of the blog, viewers will see a small description. This small description is used by search engines to attract traffic. Make sure that the first 145 characters of the blog are done well—the first paragraph should grab the reader’s attention or they will most likely not read it.

4. There is still more work beyond the title and first 145 characters! You should try to include links to other content on your website and other URLs. Incorporating links, URLs, tags, and keywords can greatly increase your SEO.

The most imperative part of writing your blog is to remember to keep content effective and on-topic! Your clients don’t just want to read words, they want to read relevant content. If you need help in composing blogs and increasing SEO, call us or visit our website at

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