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How to Engage an Audience on Social Media

Creating a business Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account is easy—choose a name, create a description, add a picture, and you have an account! But engaging an audience and getting likes on your pages is a little more difficult. Of course, having social media for your business is vital—it increases your SEO, provides customers with information about your business, and offers a variety of options to connect with your community and industry. But just having a page on social media is not enough: It is even more important to get customers to follow and engage with those pages. Getting people to “like,” “follow,” or “share” your page is a big challenge for many businesses.

With these simple steps, you can step up your social media and start getting the “likes” you desire:

1. Select an audience

Before you begin posting, you must consider your target audience. For example, if your business is a salon, you will most likely aim for women between the ages of 18-65+. Keeping in mind that a specific audience is key in creating relevant posts. Industry research and customer analysis can help you identify your target market and craft relevant messages that will appeal to these groups.

2. Consider your audience’s interests

Sometimes it requires a bit of “thinking outside the box” to come up with interests that your audience really cares about! Again, industry research, focus group surveys, or interaction with existing customers can help you find out more about your audience. However, once you start creating posts, make sure to keep those interests in mind and always relate posts back to those topics

3. Make some personal posts!

Nobody likes businesses that are run by robots. Although you always need to include promotional posts and posts regarding your business, it is important that your audience knows there are people behind the screen. Some great ways to keep your posts personal include: inspirational quotes, pictures of staff, pictures of the office, and entertaining or motivating stories. When your audience begins to see more personal touches, they are more likely to engage with your pages and “like” your posts.

4. Don’t make posts too long

Informational posts are a must for every business social media page, but they can get lengthy. Long posts are not necessarily bad, but your audience can lose interest if your posts are basically novels! Try to mix in quick, attention-grabbing posts in order to keep your audience engaged.

By following these simple steps, your business social media pages should grow in no time! If this sounds like too much for you, don’t feel alone! Many busy professionals excel at their trade, but don’t have the time, drive, or desire to manage social media effectively. Fortunately, CMG offers a team of content writers, social media experts, research editors who can help you succeed without the “heavy lifting.” For assistance in creating good pages for your business, call us today or check out our website at

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