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How to Harness the “Hallmark” Holidays for Marketing

Last month, we shared our favorite tips for marketing during the holiday season—specifically focusing on the “winter holidays,” that time of year when those from different religions and cultural backgrounds often coincide in specific celebrations, and when most everybody is celebrating the end of one year and beginning of another. But there are plenty more holidays coming up, and it’s important for your business marketing in NJ to reflect these! Here are some of our favorite ways to use these less-official holidays to create effective marketing strategies.

Be Funny—or Punny! Holidays are the perfect time for an off-beat, funny, or silly story to share with your clients. Yes, this is the time to bring out those puns that would make your grandpa cringe! These sorts of holidays are being capitalized by most, so stand out by being offbeat, not-so-serious, or trying out new ideas.

Customize Your Approach. Even for our more serious clients, we still suggest customizing your holiday approach so it’s different from the competition. Promote your Valentine’s Day restaurant menu, couples’ massage session, or romantic handyman services—play with the themes and your customers will play along!

Use Themes and Images. If you’ve read through this post and thought, “nope. No way. I am not doing any of these cheesy things!” that’s okay. Still, you may want to consider using holiday themes and images alongside your regular marketing. When people are “primed” to think about a topic (such as glittery red hearts, flowers, and candies), they are generally more receptive to other things that come along with them (like your best sales deals!). Your New Jersey graphic designer can help create effective promotional images.

Join the Conversation. This is especially true for digital and social media marketing: Follow important conversations, such as through hashtags, and join them! This increases your exposure and lets you get on the holiday bandwagon without much effort.

Want more great tips? Check back on our blog regularly, or call CMG today to find out how we help our clients market their services in NJ.

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