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Eric Gershey

Eric Gershey

Sales & Marketing/Digital Specialist

Eric is the marketing project coordinator at Contemporary Marketing Group. He excels at product customization, design, and distribution for small, medium and large companies, but he prefers to see himself as being in the business of people. Throughout Eric’s career in marketing, he has worked side-by-side with major CEOs and their teams, ensuring that projects are completed in a timely fashion with 100% customer satisfaction.

As a successful marketing professional, it was important for Eric to find his passion in life. Working on the creative side of the business energizes Eric because he knows each design is different, since every person and business is unique. Eric has demonstrated success in freeing up time for business owners by giving them the freedom to focus on their craft.

Many business owners get tons of views on their websites, but those views don’t turn into sales. Once a trustworthy, professional-looking site that performs as well as it looks goes live, you can get the same benefits that Eric’s past customers have enjoyed—an increase in customer acquisition! Having a quality site provides a peace of mind for customers, and Eric has been fortunate to help customers improve their lives and businesses.

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