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Emojis, Hashtags, Video and More: Digital Marketing in 2018

Unless you’re a savvy teen, you might find the digital landscape a bit overwhelming these days. For us “old-timers” who can rent a vehicle and remember the days before iPhones and iPods, the ‘net (yep, there was a time that this was a relevant term!) has changed quite a bit. Gone are the days of big text blocks, slow dial-up internet connections, and the ability to just stick your name and address up online and get customers! Today’s web experience is all about images, quick response, and short attention spans. For better or worse, this is what’s out there, and what you’re facing as you market your services in New Jersey! Read on for a quick primer on today’s top web trends.

Emojis. Emojis aren’t just a quick mix of punctuation anymore—gone are the days of 🙂 🙁 😉 or even 😀 –today’s emojis have shape, depth, color, and often animation! Further, they are developing not as simple punctuation, but as their own means of communication. While you might not be an expert at these modern-day hieroglyphs, you can still harness them effectively. Learn a few basic ways to use emojis (especially those that relate to your business) and your posts, texts, and shares will come across as more personal and genuine.

Hashtags. #If #you # are #doing #it #like #this #you #are #doing #it #wrong! Hashtags have two purposes: First, they allow users to share thoughts on the same topic and see what others are thinking, like a built-in search feature. This is how they first started, but web users today are using them for additional purposes, such as to draw attention, to use sarcastically or ironically, or to express themselves in fewer words. This one is a #MovingTarget, so explore and see how you can #tag your posts effectively!

Videos. Nobody wants to read anymore; if they do, they do it on their Kindle. To reach your customers, make a video! A skilled media marketing company in New Jersey can help you put your thoughts, ideas, and sales into an easily digestible video format, perfect for today’s visual clients.

Sharable Content. Have you ever retweeted, shared, liked, or called a friend to tell them to view a marketing post? Not very likely! Instead, today’s users want sharable content. If you want to increase your reach, consider posting informative, useful, or comedic information and images that are easy to share.

To harness these strategies effectively, consulting with a marketing and media specialist in New Jersey can help! CMG has a team of professionals from different backgrounds who work together to develop the best marketing and web presence strategies to promote your brand.

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