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Doreen Julye

CEO/Creative Director

As the Principal of Contemporary Media Group, Doreen is responsible for bringing together all of the vital elements of marketing and design. She brings years of experience with graphic design, marketing strategies, social network integration, and web usability, combining these experiences with a drive to succeed. She coordinates the efforts of the CMG team and brings client goals to life.

Doreen has decades of experience creating professional visual communication and educational materials. She combines these skills with hands-on-design skills, strong planning, and a proven command of budgeting, scheduling, and personnel management to lead the company with strength and motivation. As Creative Director, her keen eye for design ensures that all marketing materials are visually appealing and distinctive for clients.

Prior to founding Contemporary Media Group, Doreen worked for several advertising and publishing firms. For fourteen years, she held the position of Vice President of Production and Manufacturing at People’s Education, an educational textbook company. She is an active member of BNI Connect, Sussex Chamber of Commerce, and Sussex County Community College and maintains strong professional relationships within the community.

Doreen holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Fordham University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in International Marketing with a minor in Media Art.

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