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Are you capturing the benefits of mobile marketing? If you are not meeting your clients on their preferred mobile platforms, you may lose them! At Contemporary Media Group, we manage the marketing and media efforts for our clients, including both traditional print options, modern digital marketing, and mobile and smartphone marketing to ensure that you are reaching your customers wherever they may be. Read on...

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Each month, we choose one of our client industries to spotlight and focus on, discussing some of the most popular issues, concerns, and marketing news for that industry. This month, we’ll discuss the landscaping business, a booming business year-round in most areas. Landscaping Statistics The landscaping industry is huge, employing over one million people around the world, bringing in $82 billion in annual revenues, and growing by...

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One of the first lessons that marketing professionals learn while completing their marketing degree is how to create value for the customer. What does this mean, and how can you harness this powerful tool in your marketing? Read on to find out the best advice from the expert marketing team at Contemporary Media Group! What is Value-Marketing? When you market based on customer value, you have to...

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Each month, Contemporary Media Group hosts an industry spotlight, demonstrating the benefits of one of the industries in which we work. This month, we’re focusing on the nonprofit and charitable organization industry (if it can be called that!), as well as key marketing insights we have gathered for this population. Key Facts About the Nonprofit Industry The nonprofit and charitable organization industry is growing daily, with more...

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The dominant marketing model that most business professionals are familiar with is one where the business sells directly to the household consumers. This is what most people think of when they think of selling products in the market, and the area where most people assume that transactions are taking place. But are you tapping the other side of marketing—the business-to-business marketing? This style of marketing, often...

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Every month, the CMG team spotlights the industries of some of our customers. This month, we’re focusing on the field of Real Estate. What’s this industry all about, and how can members market effectively? Read on to find out more! What does a Real Estate Professional do? Real estate professionals work closely with those who are buying or selling property to help them connect with the right...

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