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Building and Fostering Relationships with the Media

It is relatively simple to pay to market your small business. Depending on your budget, you can easily buy an advertisement spot in the newspaper, airtime on the radio, or TV time for a commercial. However, getting the media to talk about your business FOR you—for FREE—is another story. One of the best ways to boost your business’s public relations is building a strong relationship with the media. In order to create and maintain a good working relationship with those in the media, it is useful to follow these three steps:

1. Follow reporters and other journalists on many forms of social media

In order to get your business’s name into the realm of outside media, start by following. Identify those with whom you would like to form a media connection, for example, those with similar products, similar social interests, or similar locations. Then, make sure that you’re following them across networks, such as as sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and their blogs.

2. Interact with those media connectionsa

Whether you reply to their tweets, comment on their blog posts, or even reach out to them via email, networking with journalists is key to getting them to look into your business.

3. Be personable!

In order to establish a good relationship with the journalists, you need to have a personality! If you are polite when contacting them and honest and genuine when you talk with them, they will be more likely to look into your business and give it a good review.

Forming and fostering relationships with the media can be difficult—it can be challenging to get the attention of journalists and even more challenging to get them to review your business. However, public relations can be fun and rewarding! Earning a good review from a reporter is an amazing feeling—and it’s like free marketing for your business! For more help with marketing and fostering relationships with the media, please visit our website at

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